Eco-Friendly Packaging Types

Choosing the right packaging in food packaging preserves the freshness and quality of the food.

Hygiene packaging is designed in accordance with strict food safety regulations.

Carrying bags are materials that provide easy portability and storage.

Industrial packaging is designed for the protection, storage and transportation of products.

Agricultural packaging is used during the storage and transportation of agricultural products.

Sustainable packaging is produced as recyclable and degradable.

Sustainability for Nature

It acts with the principle of sustainability, protecting natural resources and the environment, and economic development.

Sustainable packaging is produced as recyclable and degradable. We are thinking of the next generation, we do not bypass the principle of sustainability to protect!

Baycar Ambalaj is a company that attaches great importance to sustainability. Operating in the packaging industry, this company implements various strategies to achieve sustainable production and consumption targets.

Sustainable packaging is essential for safe and hygienic transport and protection of products. However, the fact that the materials used in the production of these packages harm natural resources and are not suitable for recycling threaten sustainability. Baycar Ambalaj takes various steps to solve these problems.