Baycar Ambalaj is among the leading companies in the packaging industry with its lamination technology. Lamination is a coating process often used to provide protection, durability and visual appeal to flexible packaging materials. This process improves the properties of packaging materials and increases the quality of the products. Lamination is the process of bonding one or more film materials together. These materials usually include one rigid film as well as one or more flexible films. The lamination process can be performed using hot or cold bonding technology. Hot lamination is carried out at high temperature and under pressure, while cold lamination allows materials to be bonded together using an adhesive layer.

The lamination process also enhances the visual impact of packaging materials. Thanks to lamination, it is possible to make products more attractive by applying matte, glossy, metallic or textured coatings on packaging materials. In this way, we help our customers bring their products to market more effectively.

As a result, as Baycar Ambalaj, we offer our customers high quality, durable and visually appealing packaging materials with lamination technology.