Flexo Printing

Baycar Ambalaj is known as a company that has an important place in the packaging industry with its flexo printing technology. Flexo printing is a printing technology used in high-volume production and enables the production of hundreds of meters of packaging material quickly and economically. Flexo printing is a printing method used on flexible packaging materials. In this method, the packaging material is loaded into the machine in coils and the printing process is performed. Flexo printing is a method that can operate at high speed and thus provides advantages in high-volume production. In addition, since printing costs are lower than other printing methods, it is preferred especially in large-scale productions.

As a result, as Baycar Ambalaj, we produce high quality, economical and fast packaging materials with flexo printing method. Thanks to this method, we offer our customers vibrant colors, clear prints and high quality on packaging materials. Flexo printing is a technology that has an important place in the packaging industry, and as Baycar Ambalaj, we will continue to serve our customers by using this technology in the best way possible.